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Sound familiar: counting calories, stressing over macro-nutrients, weighing and measuring food, obsessing over how many meals you think you should be consuming?

This is something we at DT Fitness & Performance encourage you NOT to do.

Your metabolism unfortunately does not work like a calculator where all you have to do is plug in your daily calories and all your problems will be solved. It adapts and reacts to everything you do.

You eat less and it will react by making you hungrier, decreasing energy, increasing cravings and slowing metabolic rate. This is unsustainable, that is why we instead encourage you to create a nutritional plan that best fits YOU. In other words, create a dietary lifestyle that is easy to follow and does not involve mental arithmetic everywhere you go.

Here at DTF, we offer nutritional advice to all clients. After providing us with an account of your general food and beverage consumption, we will help you to identify nutritional dos and don’ts, and advise you on steps to improve your nutritional intake to best suit your goals. Our aim is to equip all clients with the necessary nutritional understanding and knowledge through meal preparation tips, snack ideas as well as an overall better understanding of healthy nutritional strategies that are best suited their goals.


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