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About Us

DT Fitness & performance is a purpose built progressive training facility in Cork City. We provide high-level expertise in the physical preparation and development of those looking to better themselves to reach their health and performance goals.

We focus on creating a friendly, ambitious and stimulating training environment where men and women train effectively and efficiently for their specific needs. This fitness facility is not a health club where scores of people go to workout and never really better themselves. This is a facility designed to ensure you love every aspect of your training and to work effectively promoting and educating its like minded members in functional movements, nutrition and how to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Training in the small group format at DTF allows our members develop relationships with both us as coaches and individuals with similar goals and become part of our training community which keeps motivation high and results driven.

We are motivated and experienced sports scientists and qualified personal trainers with a passion to see you succeed. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, dedication and knowledge base in the area of fitness training and nutrition and will not be satisfied until we see our members unlock their maximum potential.