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Core & Mobility

As the name suggests, this class will be focused on keeping the joints mobile and healthy as well as building core strength throughout the body.

Core strength is hugely important, not only in relation to keeping us strong and injury free but to allow us to carry out many daily tasks without unnecessary difficulty.

We view the core as basically all the muscles from your pelvis to the shoulder girdle. A strong core allows us to transfer force effectively through our legs and arms and carries over to a whole range of athletic movements.

Within this class we will focus on areas such as strengthening the smaller stabilizing muscles of the joints, improving balance and posture and improving strength through all planes of motion.

A typical class might include the following whilst improving joint mobility and function throughout:

Resistance bands – glute/postural muscle strengthening

Bodyweight core strength exercises – deadbugs/ Pallof presses/ Rotational exercises

Stability and balance exercises – including lighter movements such as kettlebell bottoms up presses/ single leg deadlifts

This class is for everyone and can particularly benefit those looking to help alleviate any low back pain, tightness, imbalances, postural weaknesses.

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