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Olympic Weightlifting

Whether you want to improve speed, power, strength or efficiency, Olympic lifting can offer a new and challenging dimension to your training programme. With this in mind, we offer you the opportunity to learn and develop your Olympic weightlifting technique here at DT Fitness & Performance in small and intimate class setting with our knowledgeable and experienced coaches.

Following an individualized programme, your session will focus on the lifts you need to improve and want to develop, considering any current limitations to your progression including mobility and flexibility. Whatever your level, you will notice a significant improvement in your technique and efficiency after training with us here at DTF and will reap the many benefits associated with Olympic weightlifting.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • They increase speed and power
  • They improve coordination
  • They are sport specific
  • They have structural benefits
  • They are functional
  • They are ’Bang for Buck’
  • Improved skill and accuracy

The Olympic Lifts aren’t necessarily ’show exercises’ like the bench press or bicep curl, they are more ’go exercises’ which develop speed, power and explosiveness. However the lifts have huge aesthetic benefits as they develop the muscles of the hip, spine and upper back- you don’t see weightlifters with poor posture! Developing better posture and having better structural balance will help with all your training goals including building muscle, losing fat, running faster, jumping higher…

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