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When adam asked me to write a testimonial, I was delighted to do so. Adam has been my personal trainer for the past nine months. He is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, both in physical exercise and nutrition. Being a type 2 diabetic, through Adam’s expertise I now have a better understanding of food and its breakdown i.e. protein, carbohydrates etc. which has helped me control my blood sugars and lead a healthy lifestyle. His exercise programme caters around your needs, ability and his encouragement is tenfold. He encourages you to do things with a positive manner and makes you feel good about yourself.

I had mobility problems with my shoulders (frozen shoulder syndrome) and through his knowledge, we worked out a series of exercises suitable for me both in the gym and at home which has increased my movement significantly. I would highly recommend him as a trainer, he is hard working and his enthusiasm shows no boundaries.

Jan Fraser


I have worked with Adam and Colin as my Trainers for over a year. They are extremely competent and knowledgeable trainers who are very approachable, and provide lots of encouragement without being over bearing. Their patience, skill and understanding have helped me improve both my fitness and general health. I look forward to each session, and each session is different to the last.

Andrew Horne


I have really enjoyed working out with Adam and Colin. They have helped me get results that I am very happy with, both in cardio and strength, as well as flexibility. The sessions are well planned with lots of variety. I always learn something, and the chat is fun and there is a lot of laughter.

Dag Lee


Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, Adam Doyle has changed my attitude towards what exercise and being fit and healthy means. I’ve been training with him for over a year and the results are amazing; I’ve lost 12 kgs and about 6% of body fat. Beside this, I’ve gained much more confidence in my capabilities to train hard at the gym every day. His professionalism has guided me through a process that involved not only losing weight but also increasing my strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Thanks to his advice about fitness and eating habits, I’ve also changed the way I perceive my relationship with food, meaning that I eat healthily without thinking. After this period of time training with him I’m also practicing other sports like swimming and squash. I totally recommend Adam Doyle as a personal trainer.

Juan Quintana