Test Week Pre Cycle 22




A. Squat 2RM

- If you find 2RM quickly then do 4 x 2 as close to your 2RM as possible

  1. Max Dips/Pushups in 1 min (do dips if you can!)

C. Box Jump 1RM


Cond: Time is recorded

3 Rounds

25 KB Swings

15 Burpees

15 Sit ups




  1. Strict Press 5RM

- If you find 5RM quickly then do 3 x 5 as close to your 5RM as possible

B. Push Press 1RM

C. Max Chins in 1 min

D. 2min Max effort burpee test


Cond: 90s AMRAP – 4 Rounds

2 Burpees

5 Pushups

10 Wallballs


60s rest between rounds




A. Deadlift 2RM

- If you find 2RM quickly then do 4 x2 as close to your 2RM as possible


  1. Max Plank (10/20kg)



Partner: 8 mins

5 chins/8 ring chins

8 Slams

8 Jump Lunges




A. BB Reverse Lunge 5RM

  1. Chins – 3 RM

- If you find your 3RM quickly then complete: B1 3 x 5 tempo chin + B2 3 x 16 Russian Twists

  1. Max effort Hollow Hold

D. 2min Max Effort Wallballs


Circuit: 2 rounds


Plate crunch

Jump Squat


Ring Rows



A1. Weighted Pushup 5RM


B1. KB Man Makers 5RM


C1. Ring Chest Flys 3 x 8

C2. Banded crab walks 3 x 8 r/l

C3 KB Swing 3 x 20


Cond: 10minsPartner – + 1 rep every round. You Go I Go format

5 Slams

2 Burpees

5 Wallballs