Over the next 6 weeks we will be focusing more on upper body push and pulling strength. This will be in conjunction with introducing more powerful movements including the hang clean and split jerk. We will continue to work on our squat, introducing the front squat, as well as maintenance of single leg strength.


“Stronger people are harder to kill”




Supplementary: 30 reps of the chosen exercise per session, before, during or after


Mon – Good mornings

Tues – Leg Lowers

Wed – Bird dogs

Thurs – Glute bridges

Fri – Back Raises



Lat stretch – banded stretch, lx ball on side of armpit

Ask how to perform


Strength and stability:

If you haven’t a strict pullup yet, try to accumulate at least 20 ring rows/banded pull-ups.

If you haven’t a strict pushup yet, try to accumulate at least 20 box pushups per session.




A1 Pullups 4 x 8

A2 Jammer Press 4 x 8 r/l

A3 SL RDL 4 x 8 r/l

B1 High Hang Clean 5 x 5


Cond: BB Complex – 5 Rounds

6 Hang Cleans

6 Push Press

6 Lunges

10 Situps




A1 Back Squat 4 x 4

A2 Half kneeling Plate Chop 4 x 8 r/l

B1 20 Rep max Back Squat

C1 SA KB Chest Press 3 x 8

C2 Max Ring Holds 3 x max




KB Swings

Goblet Squats

Sit Ups

+ 5 Pullups after each round




A1 Push Press 4 x 6

A2 SA Ring Row 4 x 8

A3 KB Pullover 4 x 12

B1 BB Hip Thrusts 3 x 10

B2 3RM Box Jump 3 x 3


Cond: 2 x 3min AMRAP

5 KB Thrusters

5 Burpee Long Jumps

90s skip between rounds




A1 Split Leg Squats 4 x 6 r/l

A2 PuPu 4 x 6 r/l

A3 Weighted Russian Twists 4 x 16

B1 Hang Clean 5 x 5


Cond: 4 Rounds

10 KB Push Press

2 lengths Lunges

10 Box Jumps




A1 Chins 4 x 5 (weighted if possible)

A2 Pushups 4 x max

A3 Farmers carries 4 x 2 lengths

B1 Back Squat 3 x 10


Cond: Circuit 40s/20s


Ring Plank

KB Pulls

Ball Pick and toss

KB Press

Jump Lunges




Missed Lift/Technique work