Week 2 Cycle 29

This 6 week training block will involve training two of the conventional variations of basic compound lifts in one day. For example, training the front squat and the back squat in the same day. This will allow us keep on top of technique gains in all lifts while also allowing us build on what were some serious strength gains after our previous cycle of utilizing accommodating resistance with bands.

We will also have a day dedicated to solely to core development and conditioning. This will be a nice way to use lighter loads after days of high load and will somewhat allow your body to recuperate throughout the training week.

As always, warm-ups will involve mobility and activation pieces as standard to prepare you for the lifts ahead.

Looking forward to this one folks!

Mon S&C

1a RDL 8/6/4

1b S/A KB Chest Press 3 x 12 r/l

2a Deadlift 3 x 3

2b S/A KB Row 3 x 12 r/l



4min AMRAP

10 Slams

10 Plate GTOH

10 Swings

2min rest

4min AMRAP

20 squats

10 Jump Lunges

5 pushups

Tuesday S&C – Core & Conditioning

Core circuit 1: 2 Rounds

TGU x 2e/s

Standing plate chops x 8e/s

Weighted Knee to Elbows x 12

Plate Loaded SL Good Mornings x 8e/s

Conditioning 1: KB Complex

KB Pushups

KB Pulls



Round 1 = 4reps, 45s rest. Round 2 = 5 reps, 60s rest, Round 3= 6 reps, 75s rest, Round 5= 5 reps, 60s rest. Round 6= 4 reps

Core Circuit 2:

BB Floor Wipers 2 x 5(3)

Side Plank (banded) 2 x 8 r/l

BB Rollouts 2 x 8

S/L Glute bridge on bench 2 x 10 r/l

Conditioning 2: 8 mins

5 burpees

5 squat jumps

5 jump lunges r/l

5 push ups

5 ring row

Wed S&C

1a Front Squat 8/6/4

1b Pullups 3 x 5

2a Back Squat 3 x 3

2b Ring Pushups 3 x 10 – as hard a variety as form/strength allows

Cond: Tabata (20s/10s) x 4mins


Rest 1min

Alternate Burpees and SitUps

Thursday S&C

1a Bench Press 4 x 8*1.5 reps

1b Chins 4 x max/6-8 tempo if strong

2a BB RFESS 3 x 8e/s

2b Side Plank hold 3 x 30s r/l

Cond: Circuit 50/10

Ring Mountain Climbers

Ring Plank


Jump Squats



Ladder Walk

Wall Sit

Jump Lunges

Friday S&C

1a Strict Press 10/8/6

1b BB BO Row 10/8/6

2a Push Press 3 x 3

2b Box Jump 3 x 3

3a BB Reverse Lunge 1min on/off x 3


10min AMRAP – Partner

8 Bear crawls – you go i go

30 Burpees – you go i go


Everyone planks from 4:30-5:30