Cycle 39 Week 4


For this next 6 week training block, we are reintroducing a totals day once a week. This is a power lifting comp style day whereby you will try and set a 2RM in your back squat and deadlift along with a 5RM in your bench press. Your combined weight lifted in those rep maxes will form your total for that week. The aim is to increase this total week on week.


We will also have sets to technique failure one day per week in the back squat, chins and pushups which again will be another way of judging your progress week on week.


An upper body circuit is also back along with the hang power clean and a barbell complex.


Apart from that, as always we will train single leg, single arm, bodyweight, KB’s and just look to keep on improving.



Totals Day – Add your total weight lifted for all 3 lifts and try to increase week on week.


1. Back Squat 2RM

2. Bench Press 5RM

3. Deadlift 2RM


Cond: Hill Runs – 2 Rounds

1 to gym

1 short

1 to house entrance



Core: 2 Rounds

Weighted Plank x 45s

Banded Sword draws x 10e/s

Ring Hamstring Curls x 10


1a Hang Power Clean 3 x 3

1b Box jump 3 x 3


BB Complex: 4 Rounds x 6 reps


BO Row

Hang Clean

Push Press

Rev Lunge e/s


Cond: 60s rounds

4 Ring Rows/2 Chins

4 burpee

Increase reps by 1 per round (2 for ring rows) until you can’t finish in the 60s time period





Perform 1 max effort set to technique failure on the following exercises:

  1. Back Squat – use a weight that is 75% 1RM
  2. Chins
  3. Pushups


1a Pause OHS/FS 3 x 5

1b Pause Pullups 3 x 5

1c Ring Dips 3 x 10


Cond: Circuit 40s/20s x 2 Rounds


Squat Jump (2) jump lunge (1 r/l)

KB Pullthroughs

Bar hang

KB swing




Core: 2 Rounds

Hollow Hold/Rocks x 30s

Landmine x 16

SA KB Hold x 30s e/s


1a BB Split Squats 3 x 10e/s

1b SL RDL 3 x 5e/s

1c BU kb press 2 x 6 r/l


Upper Body: 10mins

Archer Pushups x 10

BB BO Rows x 10

SA OH Press x 10e/s

Band Pullaparts x 10


Cond: 20-15-10

OH Plate Lunge r/l


Sit Ups



1. Every 2mins x 5

Split Stance OH Press x 5

Chins x 3


2. 2 Rounds

TGU + SA Clean & Press

2 x (1+ 5) e/s


3a KB step up to reverse lunge 3 x 6 r/l

3b Ring Body Saws 2 x 8


Cond: 4 x 90s rounds 60 s rest

20 swings


remainder – max effort burpees