Week 1 Cycle 25


For this new 6 week cycle we will be alternating, week to week, between front squatting twice per week and deadlifting once per week OR Deadliftingtwice per week and front squatting once per week. In this way, every 2 weeks members will have a chance to both squat and deadlift on 3 separate occassions. For both exercises, one of these sessions will be focused on going heavy, one will be lighter but utilizing different training techniques such as eccentric focused/ isometric work, and one day will be a combination of heavy and light in order to promote some increases in mass.


Two days of the week we will be doing an extended warm up allowing us to work on some extra plyometric training where the focus will be on moving more explosively. A barbell complex will be a mainstay for one of the days with the focus on being adding a small amount of weight to the bar each week.


Obviously, we will be keeping up our single leg/ single arm work with the RFESS being kept in the programme. As always plenty of effective core strengthening/stability exercises will be seen as well as much loved conditioning tools and hill runs.


After a satisfying test week we have a challenging but fun 6 weeks ahead!





KB Squat Jump (ecc/iso) 2 x 5

Box Jump 2 x 5


A1. Front Squat 5 x 3

A1. Bottoms up KB Press 5 x 6 r/l


B1. (Weighted) Ring Push up 3 x 10

B2. (Weighted) Pull up 3 x 6


Cond: 8 mins Alt EMOM

Push ups/Ring Rows x10

Slams/ Wallballs x 10




Cond: Tabata: 3 mins Alt for each pairing (rest 1 min after first couplet)

DL KB Clean / Burpee

Jump Lunge/Sit up


A1. Pause Strict Press 3 x 6

A2. Band Pullaparts 3 x 15


B. Push Press 8/5/3


C (BB) RFESS 3 x 8 r/l


Cond: 6 AMRAP

10 OH Plate Lunge

10 Plate GTOH

10 Plate Squats

10 Elbow – Hand Planks

30s rest

+ max effort wall squat hold




  1. S/L BB RDL 2 x 8 r/l
  2. D/L BB RDL (ecc/iso) 2 x 8


A1. Deadlift 3 x 4 , 1 x 10


B1. TGU 3 x 2 r/l

B2. Deadbug 3 x 20

B3. Weighted Plank 3 x 60s


Cond: 8min Partner AMRAP

1 KB Man Maker

1 Burpee

2,3,4 of each and so on until time elapses.





Banded KB Swing 2 x 15

SL Bounds 2 x 3e/s


A1. Front Squat (ecc/iso) 4 x 6

A2. Bottoms up KB Press 4 x 6 r/l


B1. S/A 1/2 kneeling press 3 x 10 r/l

B2. S/A KB Row 3 x 10 r/l


Cond: 6 hills

Alt short/ Green gate




A1. BB Complex: 5 sets 5 reps

Push Press

Rev Lunge

Squat Jump

BO Row



B1. Landmine 3 x 10 r/l

B2. S/A KB Hold 3 x 30s r/l

B3. Standing Ring fallout 3 x 10


Cond: Tabata (20s/10s) x 4mins


Rest 1min

Alternate Jump Lunges and SitUps