For the next 6 week training period we will be alternating week by week between higher-volume training – higher reps, to lower volume training – heavier weights. The idea is that by alternating the emphasis every week, you prevent the body from stagnating and falling into a rut. The stimulus changes, so you keep progress going longer.


Also, there will be a focus on progressing people’s proficiency with the Kettlebells.


This will be in conjunction with trying to develop better body awareness and control through the implementation of a gymnastics and bodyweight movement training day on a Wed. Handstand training, Olympic rings training and general messing about with movement will be on the cards while trying to progress bodyweight pushing and pulling strength.





A1 Squat 4 x 12

A2 KB Dead Stop Swings 4 x 5

B1 SA KB Chest Press 3 x 8

B2 Pull Up hold 3 x 5 – 5s holds

C1 KB Snatch + KB Push Press + KB Clean 3 x 3 r/l


Cond: 8 Mins Ascending Ladder

KB Thruster

Sit Up

Jump Lunge




A1 Bent Over BB Row 4 x 12

A2 Seated KB OH Press 4 x 8

A3 Ring Pike 4 x 8

B1 SA OH KB Split Squat 3 x 6



Start and finish with 100 skips

10 burpees

1 Chin/1 Ring Row

9 burpees

2 chins/2 ring rows

And so on........until 1 burpee and 10 chins/ring rows





- 10min Turkish Get Up Warm –up

- Movement training

- Ring Work

- 10min Handstand Work



5 min AMRAP

5 Hanging Knee Raises

5 Squats

Crab walk + Bear Crawl



L Sits & Twists




A1 Behind the Neck Push Press 4 x 12

A2 Chins 4 x 5 (8 if banded)

A3 KB Deadbugs 4 x 20

B1 Plate/BB OH Lunge/OH Squat 3 x 8



Circuits / Missed Conditioning




A1 Deadlifts 4 x 12

A2 Pistol progressions (SL Box Squat/Rings/Counter Balance off box/Pistol) 4 x 8

B1 SA KB Row 3 x 8

B2 L sit Progressions 3 x 20s

C1 Ring Glute Bridges 3 x 12

C2 Ring Rollout 3 x 8


Cond: BB Complex – 4 Rounds

5 BB Pushups

5 BB BO Row


5 BB Squats

5 BB Lunge