Cycle 17 Week 6.


Test week has been completed and once again everybody has been making huge progress which is evident from the amount of personal records set. Now, its time for a fresh 6 week cycle to be introduced.


This cycle, for 2 days of the week, we will be incorporating 2 rounds of tempo/pause push ups and pull ups directly after the days warm up. This is with a view of getting in some extra upper body strength work which, as usual, will be tailored to the persons abilities.


The big lifts will follow the rep scheme of 6/4/2 so we will be getting back to having some heavy weight on the bar, moving on from our higher reps/lighter weight squat programme in the previous cycle.


Each week, we will have some in-built tests which will allow members to track progress in certain movements from week to week. These will include a timed burpee test, 2 minute (weighted) plank as well as a farmers carry test for distance.


The Turkish Get-up will remain in this new cycle along with the clean. In relation to the clean, we will be implementing a timed complex containing certain segments of the full lift. This will go a long way to reinforcing good lifting technique as well as ensuring a nice volume of work is performed.


We will introduce a lighter yet faster squat on one day of the week. Using a slow negative portion of the lift and a fast concentric. Speed will be the focus here not the weight on the bar.


Furthermore, a longer conditioning day will be kept in the programme with some partner work included.


As always, appropriate rehab/ prehab strategies will be employed. Time to set some new goals and improve on individual weaknesses!






i Tempo Pushups + Pullups 2 x 10+6

1a Squat 6/4/2

1b Box Jump 3 x 4

2a Half Kneeling Chop 2 x 10r/l

2b Side Plank 2 x 30s r/l

3a 2min Plank Test (build to 2mins or as heavy as possible for 2 mins)


Cond: 9min Every Min on the Min:

1st – 15/20 Wallballs

2nd – 20 Jump Lunges

3rd – 10 KB Swings + 4 Burpees


10th min = Max effort pushups





1a Half Kneeling SA KB Press 3 x 10 r/l

1b BB BO Row 3 x 10

2a TGU + Press 3 x 2 r/l

3a 2 min Max effort Burpee Test


Cond: Hill runs

1 x run to house entrance past pub

4 x short hills


Repeat x 1





1a Deadlift 6/4/2 (sumo or conventional)

1b KB Swing 3 x 15

2a Max Weighted Carry


Long Cond: 4 x 3 min Cycles . Rest 1 min between each.


Cycle 1&3: Partner “you go i go”

10 Slams

10 Burpees


Cycle 2 & 4: Individual. +2 reps every round.

2 Pushups

2 Sit Ups

2 Squats






1. Power Clean complex every 2:00

High hang

Mid thigh

Power Clean

Push Press x 2


2a BB Forward Lunge (Front racked) 3 x 8/6/4

2b Banded Lat stretch 2 x 30s r/l


Core Circuit:

Plate SL RDL 5r/l

Reverse Crunch 10

Lunge with Plate rotation 10

Shoulder taps 10 w/ 2 s pause





i Pause Pushups + Pause Chins 2 x 10 + 6

1a Dynamic Squats 3 x 4 (3-x-x)(@ 50% 4rep back squat from Mon)

1b Couch Stretch 3 x 45s r/l

2a Jammer press (Floating lunge position) 3 x 8 r/l

2b Knee to elbows + hollow hold 3 x 10 + 20s


Cond: 3 Rounds

1st min: 40s Slams

2nd min: 40s KB PuPus

3rd min: 40s Wallballs