Week 6:

For this new 6 week cycle we will be incorporating eccentric focused work along with pause work for all the major lifts. These are being implemented with the view of breaking through some strength plateaus as well as adding a bit of variety to all the major lifts.


Also, we will be continuing to progress the clean using the power clean version of the lift from the floor. We will also dedicate some time to the hang snatch which may be a new movement to some people but we're sure many of you will learn to love.




1a Strict Press 3 x 5

1b SA KB Rows 3 x 8 r/l

2a BB Step-ups 3 x 6 r/l

2b Ring Dips 3 x 8

3a Banded Squats 3 x 15

3b SA Suitcase Carry 3 x 2l r/l


Tabata :4 min Alt Swings / Plate Crunch

2 mins rest

Tabata: 4 min Alt Goblet Squat/ Spidey Plank




Hang Snatch - build to 3RM

1a Back Squat 3 x 5

1b S/A KB Press 3 x 8 r/l

2a BB RDL 3 x 8

2b Inchworm 3 x 5

2c Hollow hold 3 x 30s


Cond: AMRAP 6
6 push-up
6 pull-up
6 Hanging Knee Raises


Rest 1 min


90s ME Burpees




A1. (FE) Ring Pullups 3 x max

A2. Floor Press 3 x 8


B1. Jammer Rev. Lunge to Press 3 x 6 r/l

B2. Plank rotations 3 x 8 r/l


Cond: 90 s Rounds

6 Pushups

12 Box Jumps

- Increase by 2 reps each round until you cant complete reps in allotted time.




Power Clean – build to 3RM

1a Deadlifts 3 x 5

1b S/L Fallout 3 x 5 r/l

1c S/A KB Hold 3 x 30 s r/l

2a 21's x 2/3 sets

2b Skull crushers/ close grip press 2/3 x 10


Cond: 10 min AMRAP:
10 Forward Lunge
10 Wallballs
10 Reverse Lunge
10 Burpees