Week 5 0f 6 where we will adhere to the following format:

Week 1 we will 5 rep max test a major lift or movement each day and then over then over the following 4 weeks we will do a variation of this lift and then retest the original lift again in 6 weeks and hopefully see some gainz (eg. 5RM back squat week 1 – box squat week 2 - Dynamic squats Week 3 and so on until 5RM back squat again week 6).


The following lifts will be tested:

5RM Back Squat

5RM Strict Overhead Press – no use of legs at all!

5RM Barbell Lunge

5RM Chins or best score achieved

Max Effort Plank

2 min burpees


This should keep people motivated to demonstrate consistency to their training/ nutrition and recovery outside of the gym as those that do can expect to see big improvements in fitness/strength and body composition.




A1 Box Squat 4 x 5

A2 SL RDL 4 x 5 r/l

B1 Ring Dip/Pushup 3 x 8

B2 Plank Rotation 3 x 8r/l

B3 Standing Rollout 3 x 8


Cond: 10min AMRAP

10 unweighted lunges

10 burpees

10 spiderman planks

10 jump lunges

10 pushups




A1 Standing Alternating KB Press 4 x 8

A2 KB Pulls 4 x 6r/l

A3 SL Box Squats/Pistols 4 x 5 r/l

B1 KB Complex: KB Clean + Pause KB Front Squat + KB Push Press 3 x 5


Cond: In any order but once you start an exercise you must finish – 15min time cap

150 skips

20 r/l KB Get Ups (Goblet)

50 Situps

20 Burpees

50 Pushups

20 Ring Rows/Chins

50 thrusters (use same weight as Get Ups)






A1 Front Racked Split Squat 4 x 5r/l

A2 Broad Jumps 4 x 5

B1 Negative Ring Pullups 3 x 5 -5sec lower

B2 Weighted Plank 3 x 30s

C Max Effort Wallballs


Cond: 10min EMOTM

2 KB Man Makers

5 Box Jumps




A1 SA KB Rows 3 x 6 + 1 x Max

A2 Ring Fly 4 x 8

A3 Tempo Hanging Knee Raises 4 x 6 – 3 sec lower

C1 BB Reverse Lunge 3 x 1min on/off


Cond: Half do circuit half do runs... then swap.

Circuit: 40/20



Jump lunge


Ring plank




2 x 500m







A1 Turkish Get Up – build to 1RM

B1 Landmine 3 x 16

B2 Jammer Lunge and Press 3 x 6 r/l

C1 Farmers carry 3 x 4

C2 Nordic hamstring curls 3 x 6


Cond: BB Complex - 5 Rounds R1=3/R2=4/R3=5/R4=4/R5=3



BO Row

Push Press


Bar Over Burpees