Cycle 18 Week 1


With testing completed following cycle 17, it is now the beginning of a brand new cycle.


We will be continuing to implement the compound lifts such as the squat and deadlift every week along with some single leg work such as the rear foot elevated split squat. Both bilateral and unilateral upperbody work will also be incorporated.


The Turkish Get-up will remain in the programme as well as improving on general core strength and stability.


As usual, appropriate activation/mobilisation techniques will be used in all warm ups as well as rehab/prehab strategies.




i: 3 rounds

Wallball x 8

Slams x 8

Ring Row x 8


A1. RFESS 3 x 8 r/l

A2. Ring Flys 3 x 10

A3. Rev Crunch + Hollow Hold 3 x 5+20s


B1. 1/2 kneeling KB press 3 x 10 r/l

B2. Tempo Chins 3 x 6


Cond: Hill runs




A1. Strict Press + Push Press 4 x 5+5

A2. KB Upright Row 4 x 10


B1. Landmine 3 x 20

B2. Ring Hamstring curl 3 x 10


Cond 10 min partner

Man makers 1,2,3,4...




i: 3 rounds

Plank rot x 6 r/l

Deadbug x 16

KB Swing x 20

Groin Squeeze x 10


A1. Squat (every 2 mins for 10 mins) x 4


B1. TGU (1/2 + Full) 3 x 2 r/l


Cond: 45/15


Goblet squat

Plank walkout




Goblet rev lunge

Ball pick + toss

Plate crunch

KB Push Press

Ring row

Ring mountain climber




A1. BB Hip Thrust 4 x 10

A2. Squat Jump 4 x 5

A3. Jump Lunges 4 x 5 r/l


B1. KB SA Row 3 x 10 r/l

B2. KB Press 3 x 10


Cond: 3 rounds 45/15

Wall Sit


KB PuPus




A1. Deadlift (every 2 mins for 10 mins) x 4


B1. Dips/ Push ups 3 x max

B2. Pull ups 3 x max


C1. Weighted Plank x 60/45/30s



Start with 15 Burpee

6 Rounds:

10 Sit ups

10 KB Swings

Finish with 15 Burpees