Week 2

For our first training cycle of the year we will be continuing to work on total body strength with lifts such as the squat/ deadlift but also incorporating variations of these lifts (tempo/ pause etc) to help burst through some plateaus.

Rep ranges for the big lifts will remain at 5 reps in order to promote great strength gains but with added hypertrophy also. The final set of 3 will be a max effort with members striving to get as many reps as they can with the same weight on the bar. Even if you manage one extra rep on the last set, this will contribute towards greater improvements in strength.

Upper body and accessory exercises will be incorporated using higher rep ranges with the view of gaining some lean muscle mass and developing a strong, robust and resilient body.

We will be utilising the hang clean as a more powerful movement also improving on peoples technique in this lift as well as body awareness.

As always equipment such as olympic rings, kettlebells, slam balls etc will all be incorporated into both strength and conditioning elements of each class.

We will be continuing to incorporate effective mobility strategies into the workouts. These exercises will take place in the form of active recovery.


1a Squat 3 x 5/5/5+ 85% 1RM

1b Plate SL Good Mornings 3 x 8 r/l

1c Pigeon Stretch 2 x 45s

2a Strict Press 3 x 10

2b Bent Over Row 3 x 20


8 Rounds:

12 Wallballs

6 Burpees


1a Hang Clean - build to 5RM

2a Floor Press 3 x 10

2b Chins 2 x 5/ 1 x max + max effort hold over bar

3a Ring Jacknife 2 x 12

3b SL Glute Bridge off Plate 2 x 10 r/l

3c Weighted Plank 2 x 45s


5 Rounds:

5 KB Thruster right

5 Box Jump

5 KB Thruster left

5 Box Jump


1a Deadlift 3 x 5/5/5+ 85% 1 RM

1b KB Swing 3 x 15

1c Couch Stretch 2 x 45s

2a Dips 3 x 10

2b KB Pulls 3 x 10

2c KB Cleans 3 x 10

3a Farmers Carry 1 x max


1min Max effort Burpees

30s rest

1min Max effort Wallballs

30s rest

1min Max effort BW Squats

Repeat twice trying to beat previous score


1a Push Press 3 x 5/5/5+ 85% 1 RM

1b (Feet Elevated) Tempo Ring Rows 3 x 8

2a RFESS 3 x 8 r/l

2b Ring (archer) push-up 3 x 8

3a Spidey Plank 1 x 6 r/l

3b Lying Superman 1 x 10

3c Side Plank crunch 1 x 10 r/l

Cond: circuit: (45s on/ 15 s off)


Ring chins

Ring jacknife

Goblet reverse lunge


Plate crunch

KB get ups

Push -up plank

Ball pick and toss

Mountain climbers


1a Pause Back Squat/ Hex Bar Deadlift 3 x 5/5/5+ 85% 1RM

1b Ring Body saw 3 x 10

1c Glute Stretch 2 x 45 s r/l

2a 1/2 kneeling Jammer Press 3 x 10 r/l

2b 1/2 kneeling landmine 3 x 8 r/l


Tabata 1

Alternate burpees & Goblet Squats

Rest 2 mins

Tabata 2

Alternate Jump Lunges and KB Swing