Week 4 Cycle 30


This new 6 week cycle see the big compound lifts of the squat and deadlift being trained using a set and rep scheme of 5 x 5. The squat day will be preceded by an squat specific warm-up aimed at improving peoples over-head squat.


One of the days will see a longer 20 minute conditioning piece with another day having 2/3 shorter pieces. With the good weather (hopefully) approaching we will be aiming to get out for runs of some sort, be it hills or flat, twice per week.


We will continue to work on upper body body weight exercises such as the pull up/ chin up / ring dip and this cycle will see the introduction of the incline prone KB row to further improve variety in the pulling exercises.


We will be focusing on the incline BB Bench press as opposed to flat bench and ,of course, continually working on the Turkish Get Up along with various core rotational, anterior, posterior strength exercises.





Cond: BB Complex


BO Row

Push Press

Squat Jumps

Back Squat

Ascending rounds of 8-7-6-5 with 60s rest after each round


A1. Deadlift 5 x 5

A2. Pallof Twist 5 x 12 r/l


B1. Pull up 3 x max

B2. Ring Dips 3 x max




A1. 1/2 kneeling press 3 x 10/8/6 r/l

A2. KB Prone Bench Row 3 x 10 (2 sec pause)


B1. Deadbug 2 x 16

B2. Ring Flutters 2 x 16

B3. Weighted Plank 2 x 45s

B4. FE Side Plank Hold 2 x 30s e/s


Cond: 20 mins Rounds of:

2 TGU r/l

KB Swing x 15

Squat x 15

Push up x 10

Sit up x 15

Run – 2 hill




OH Squat focused warm-up 2 x 8


A1. Front squat 5 x 5

A2. Alternate sets between Hollow Rocks & Hollow Hold x 30s


B1. Push up 3 x 10 pause

B2. Chin 3 x 5/max effort


Cond: 4 x 90s rounds 60s rest

15 wallballs

15 slams

remainder – alt max effort push ups/ring rows



A1. Incline Bench Press 3 x 5

A2. KB BO Rows 3 x 10

A3. Band Pullaparts 3 x 10-2s pause


B1. FR BB RFESS 3 x 5

B2. SA KB Suitcase hold 3 x 30s r/l

B3. Plank Shoulder Walkouts 3 x 8



Hills x 3 from gym

rest 60 sec

1 Hill



A1. BB Step Ups 3 x 6 r/l

A2. KB Push Pulls 3 x 10


B1. TGU – 3/2/1 r/l

B2. SL RDL 3 x 5 r/l



4 mins

20/10 x 8 rounds


rest 1 min


5 mins: Partner

Slam x 8

Wallball x 8


3 mins rounds:

KB C+P x 8

Chin/Row x 5/8