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Workouts 28th July – 2nd August

Over the next 6 weeks we will be following a periodized strength gains program in all of the main compound lifts such as squat, deadlift, press.

Stronger people are harder to kill

Remember we need to be strong in all positions, so all though these exercises beneath are supplementary they are essential for you to perform and progress.



Stretch of the month – Couch box stretch, start with 1min each leg building to 2 mins each leg by months end

Exercise of the Month – Resistance Band Overhead squat 30reps


Overhead shoulder work – lx ball on side of armpit, banded distractions

Ask how to perform

Strength and stability:

Single Arm KB Rows 4x10reps

Press-ups (raised) 4x10reps

Banded crab walks 2 lengths of unit

Supemans 50 reps




A1 Back Squat 5 x 5

A2 Ring Pushups/Dips 3 x max

B1 KB Bent Over Row 3 x 10

B2 Slam Balls 3 x 5

Cond: 5 Rounds

2 lengths Walking OH Lunges

12 Burpees onto plate




A1 Pullups 5 x 5

A2 Single Arm OH Press 3 x 10

B1 KB Swing Practice (either Swing/SA swing/OH Swing or KB Clean dependent on level) – build to 10RM


30 Box jumps

5 Rounds – 6 KB Swing

9 Pushups

30 Box Jumps




A1 Deadlifts 5 x 5

A2 OHS practice

B1 Ring Pullups/Rows 3 x mqx

B2 Ring Pushup Variations 3 x max

B3 Banded Pullaparts 3 x 20


Partner Hill Runs x 5

(rest while partner works)




A1 Push Press 5 x 5

A2 Box Jumps 5 x 5

B1 Step ups 3 x 10 (either with BB or KB in a position that is suited)

Cond: Circuit – 2 consecutive rounds of 40s on/20s off

Battling Ropes

Ball Slams w/ rotation

Single arm Suitcase Carries

Broad Jumps

KB Push Pulls




A1 Front Squat 5 x 5

A2 Nordic Hamstring 3 x 8

B1 BB/KB Thrusters 3 x 10


Every min on the minute for 5 (EMOTM 5)

10 situps

10 russian twists

Finish out remaining time in plank until next min starts


Tabata Burpee Box Jumps




Missed Lift/Technique work

Partner Workout