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Workouts 5th August – 9th August

Over the next 6 weeks we will be following a periodized strength gains program in all of the main compound lifts such as squat, deadlift, press.

Stronger people are harder to kill

Remember we need to be strong in all positions, so all though these exercises beneath are supplementary they are essential for you to perform and progress.




Stretch of the month – Couch box stretch, 90s each leg every session!

Exercise of the Month – Resistance Band Overhead squat 30reps

August Skill – Skipping, try and get in 5mins early to get comfortable with the rope



Overhead shoulder work – lx ball on side of armpit, banded distractions

Ask how to perform

Strength and stability:

Single Arm KB Rows 4x10reps

Press-ups (raised) 4x10reps

Banded crab walks 2 lengths of unit

Supemans 50 reps




A1 Back Squat 4 x 4

A2 KB Push Press 4 x 10

B1 Sumo High Pulls 3 x 10


Cond: 4 Rounds

15 KB Swing

10 Broad jumps





A1 Pullups 4 x 4

A2 Box Jumps (with broad jump if capable) 4 x 5

B1 Wrestlers Twists 3 x 20


Cond: 10min AMRAP

Single Arm OH Carry – 2 lengths

Chin Ups/Ring Rows – 10

S/L Squats – 8 r/l




A1 Deadlifts 4 x 4

A2 Ring Dips/Pushups 4 x max

B1 Plate Complex 3 Rounds


Cond: 20s on/ 10s off – 4mins

Battle Ropes

Jump Lunges

Alternating Situps and Plank




A1 Push Press 4 x 4

A2 KB Stiff Leg Deadlifts

B Wall Balls 3 x 20



Partner Sled Work