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Workouts Dec 10 - 15
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Workouts Dec 10 – 15

Week 6


One of the main features of this new 6 week training cycle is the re-introduction of a progressively loaded 20 rep back squat routine. This will be programmed in at the start of the session 3 times per week (mon,wed,fri). If members are not in on any of those days , there will be an option to complete it on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of the programmed core piece. The reason being, that we would like to get people consistently doing this programme as it has previously shown great improvements in strength, size and muscular endurance.

Before completing your 1 set of 20 reps we will have members build to a reasonably heavy 2 rep squat. (something that you could possibly do for 5 reps). Starting your first 20 rep squat at around .50-60% 1 RM.

Certain exercises like the Push Press and Deadlift will follow a rep scheme of 5/3/1 with a fourth drop set back to 5. Some exercises such as the Incline Bench / Chins etc will be follolwing a 5/10/20 rep scheme. Common sense on regressing this when needed will have to be used when performing the higher rep sets but the coaches will individually prescribe within the sessions.

As always , good bang for buck core strength and stability exercises are implemented incuding banded (anti) rotation work, heavily weighted planks etc.

Conditioning work can vary in duration and therefore energy system demand.




Build to heavy double X 1

20 Rep back Squat starting @ 50-60% 1 rm


A1. Push Press x 5/3/1/5

A2. Box Jump 3 x 4


B1. Landmine 2 x 10 r/l

B2. Ladmine s/l RDL 2 x 8 r/l

B3. Jammer Press 2 x 10 r/l


Cond: 3 rounds 25/15


Ring Row

Ring Push up





Squat routine – if missed previous day



Partner Rot/Anti banded pulls 3 x 10 r/l

Partner Plank Pulls 3 x 10 r/l

Hanging Legs/Knees 3 x 10


B1. Strict Press x 5/10/20

B2. BB BO Row x 5/10/20


Cond: 14 min:

6 min AMRAP

Swing x 20

(Jump) Lunge x 20

Elbow-Hand plank x 10

Rest 2 mins

6 min AMRAP

Sit Up x 20

Squat x 20

Slam x 10




Build to heavy double X 1

20 Rep back Squat starting @ 50-60% 1 rm


A1. Deadlift x 5/3/1/5

A2. BU KB Press 3 x 6 r/l

A3. Core S/A Row 3 x 8 r/l


B. 10/8/6/4/2/4/6/8/10

Push up

Ring Row (Chin 1/2 reps)

Sit up

Burpee (1/2 reps)




Squat routine – if missed previous day



Weighted Plank 2 x 30s

Heavy KB Hold 2 x 60s

Ring Flutters 2 x 16


B1. Incline Bench 3 x 5/10/20

B2. Chins 3 x max unweighted


Cond: 15 min:

20/10 x 4 min

KB Clean + Press

Rest 1 min

20/10 x 4 min

(Squat) Jump – Alt

Rest 1 min

20/10 x 4 min

(Jump) Lunge – Alt




Build to heavy double X 1

20 Rep back Squat starting @ 50-60% 1 rm


A1. (Weighted) Push up 3 x 10, 1 x max

A2. Pull Up 3 x max unweighted


B1. BB RFESS 3 x 6 (3 tempo/Pause, 3normal)

B2. F/E side Plank 3 x 30s r/l

B3. Hollow Hold 3 x 30s


Cond: 30/30 x 8

Alt Burpees/ Slam Balls