Really excited for the next 6 weeks format for training which will adhere to the following format:

Week 1 we will 5 rep max test a major lift or movement each day and then over then over the following 4 weeks we will do a variation of this lift and then retest the original lift again in 6 weeks and hopefully see some gainz (eg. 5RM back squat week 1 – box squat week 2 - Dynamic squats Week 3 and so on until 5RM back squat again week 6).


The following lifts will be tested:

5RM Back Squat

5RM Strict Overhead Press – no use of legs at all!

5RM Barbell Lunge

5RM Chins or best score achieved

Max Effort Plank

2 min burpees


This should keep people motivated to demonstrate consistency to their training/ nutrition and recovery outside of the gym as those that do can expect to see big improvements in fitness/strength and body composition.




A1 Back Squat – build to 5RM

B1 Ring Pushup 3 x 10

B2 Ring Glute Bridge 3x 10

B3 Spiderman Plank 3 x 12

C1 Max effort burpees in 2 mins



Round 1 - 4mins: start at 5 reps and increase by 1 rep per min

KB Swings


Rest 2 mins

Round 2 – 4mins: start at 5 reps and increase by 1 rep per min






A1 Strict press – build to 5RM

B1 KB Complex: SA KB Swing + SA Thruster 3 x 8 r/l



10 burpees

500m run

3 Rounds:

5 KB Clean & Press right

5 KB SA Thrusters right

5 KB Clean & Press left

5 KB SA Thrusters left

500m run

10 burpees




A1 BB Lunge – build to 5RM r/l

B1 KB Pupu 3 x 10

B2 Partner side throws 3 x 10

B3 Partner Leg throws 3 x 10



EMOTM 10mins

Even – 15 Plate GTOH

Odd – 5 KB Swing + 5 Box Jump




Chin – build to 5RM

A1 Chin Ring Rows 3 x 15

A2 KB SA Chest Press 3 x 8

A3 Tempo Hanging Knee Raises 3 x 8

B1 KB Complex: KB Clean & KB Snatch 3 x 6 r/l


Cond: 3 Rounds - 45s on/15s off




Ring Rows

75s Rest




Plank – max effort

A1 Landmine

A2 Landmine RDL

A2 Plank Walkout

B1 BB Reverse Lunge 3 x 1min on/off



Hill Runs – from unit down & back 4 times with a 60 s rest between efforts