Over the next 6 weeks we will be focusing on low back and abdominal strength. This will be in conjunction with building on the single leg strength and stability we have accrued over the previous 6 weeks and returning to bilateral leg movements – namely squat variations.

Stronger people are harder to kill

Remember we need to be strong in all positions, so all though these exercises beneath are supplementary they are essential for you to perform and progress.




Supplementary: 50 reps of the chosen exercise per session, before, during or after

Mon – Good mornings

Tues – Leg Lowers

Wed – Bird dogs

Thurs – Glute bridges

Fri – Back Raises



Overhead shoulder work – lx ball on side of armpit, banded distractions

Ask how to perform


Strength and stability:

If you haven’t a strict pullup yet, you must accumulate at least 20 ring rows/banded pull-ups.

If you haven’t a strict pushup yet, you must accumulate at least 20 box pushups per session.





A1 Pause Back Squat 4 x 6

A2 Standinbg Side Ball Tosses 4 x 10r/l

A3 Ball Pushups 4 x 10

B1 S/L RDL 3 x 8

B2 Isometric Hanging Knee Holds 3 x max


Cond: 10min As Many Rounds As Possible

15 KB Swing

10 Knee-Elbows

200m run/10 box jumps




A1 Strict OH Press 4 x 6

A2 SA Ring Row 4 x 8r/l

A3 Side Plank Crunch 4 x 10 r/l

B1 Deadlift 3 x 5

B2 Hip Flexor/Hamstring Stretch Combo 3 x 30s r/l


Cond: 3 Rounds

1min Ring Rows

1min Jump Squats

1min OH Press

1min Rest




A1 Back Squat 4 x 3

A2 Wrestlers Twist 4 x 6 r/l

B1 Ladder Pushups 3 x 1 length

B2 Lat Raises 3 x 10

B3 Band Pullaparts 3 x 15



150 Wallballs – “ you go I go”


+ 3 times

30sec Ropes

30sec Plank

30sec Rest




A1 Bent Over Row 4 x 6

A2 SA KB Press 4 x 8 r/l

A3 Partner Band Plank Pulls 4 x 8 r/l

B1 RDL 3 x 5

B2 KB Swing 3 x 10


Cond: BB Complex – rest 90 sec between rounds

6 Strict OH Press

6 Jump Squat

6 Push Press

6 Lunges

10 Pushups




A1 Eccentric Squat 4 x 8

A2 Ring Dip Holds 4 x max

A3 Russian Twist & Press 4 x 8

B1 Lateral Lunge 3 x 8 r/l

B2 Resisted Bear Crawl


Cond: 2 rounds - 3 mins on the clock (rest 2 mins)

200m/400m run and finish out remaining time with wallballs




Kettlebell Workshop!!!!!!!