Cycle 32 Week 3


This new 6-week cycle sees, as per usual, a nice change up from what we have been doing during the last programme, which saw even the long-term members manage to set new PR's in various lifts.


For most of the days, we will be implementing a “core” warmup which will allow us to work on some isolated/ stabilization muscles while also preparing us for the bigger lifts ahead.


The bigger lifts such as the squat, deadlift, bench etc will follow a rep scheme of 5/4/3/2 adding weight for each set.


The inclusion of the Front Foot Elevated Split Squat as one of our single leg strength exercises can be seen along with the re-introduction of the BB Step up.


As always members can expect to be challenged when it comes to overall full body strength

, stability, balance, mobility, conditioning and of course, we'll have good fun along the way.


Have a look for yourself to see whats in store. 😉




Core/ Warm-up:

S/L Hip thrust (heel on) 2 x 8

F/E side plank 2 x 30s r/l

Glute bridge and squeeze 2 x 8


A1. Squat preference (OHS/FS/BS) 5/4/3/2

A2. SL RDL 3 x 5e/s


B 12/10/8/6/4/2 – 10 min cap

Strict Press

BO Row

Push up

Ring row


C Hills repeats

1 x short, green gate, end of path past house entrance, house entrance, back to the gym.




Core/ Warm up:

Bottoms up KB Press 2 x 6 r/l

Inchworm w/ press 2 x 5

Band pullapart/pass throughs 2 x 10


A1. Incline Bench x 5/4/3/2

A2. (F/E) Ring Row 4 x 8


B1. BB Step ups 3 x 6 r/l

B2. KB BO Row 3 x 10


Cond: 8min Partner AMRAP

1 KB Man Maker

1 Burpee





A1. Deadlift x 5/4/3/2

A2. KB SA Push Press 3 x 8e/s


B1. Weighted Ring Push ups 3 x 10

B2. Landmine 3 x 8 r/l

B3. DA KB Hold 3 x 45s



8mins EMOTM (every min on the min)

5 pushups

10 Swings

10 Squat jumps

- Plank in remaining time after the even mins...0,2,4,6,8.




Core/Warm-up :

Weighted Wall sit 2 x 60s

Farmers Carry 1 x 200m


A1. KB swings 3 x 20

A2. Box Jump 3 x 5

A2. S/L skater squat 3 x 6 r/l


B1. Pull-ups/Chins 3 x 5

B2. Strict Press x 5/4/3/2


Cond: Circuit: 2 rounds 35/25 with 2 burpees

Box Push


KB Swing

Ring Row

Wall Sit



Core/ Warm-up:

TGU – 3/2/1 r/l


A1. KB Incline Bench Row 4 x 10

A2. Standing D/A Jammer press 4 x 10


B1. FFESS 3 x 8 r/l

B2. Weighted Ring Plank 3 x 45s


Cond: 10mins

1 TGU e/s

10 Slams

5 burpees

10 Jump Lunges

10 Situps