Week 2 Cycle 21

For this cycle, we will be implementing a double conditioning day which will rotate day week to week. This is along with one day being a bodyweight and kettlebell only day, this will be a nice change to usual barbell training and will also include some pistol squats which will be a nice way of gauging single leg strength and overall mobility development.

Conventional deadlifts will alternate with straight leg deadlifts week to week while squats will follow a rep scheme of 2/4/8/12.

As always, we have programmed a balanced training program which covers bi-lateral and uni-lateral upper and lower body movements in multiple planes of motion. Re-hab/ prehab strategies will be employed for all members as well as anyone recuperating from injury.

This next 6 weeks is a great opportunity for you to dial in your diet and training so set yourself some SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based) goals, write them down, hold yourself accountable to them and it will keep you motivated.



1a Squat 2/4/8/12

1b Box Jump 4 x 3

2a Pullups 3 x max

2b SA Kneeling Press 3 x 8 r/l

2c Plate Around the worlds 3 x 6 r/l

Cond: 20s on/10s off – 5 Rounds each before switching

Ball Slams


KB Swing




1a BB Reverse Lunge 3 x 5 r/l

1b Ring Skullcrushers 3 x 10



even – 10 slams/ 5 chins (8 rows)

odd – 10 KB swings/ 10 push ups

2a Side Plank – side plank – elbow plank – hand plank 2 x 2mins (30s each)

Cond: 9min Every Min on the Min:

1st – 15 Wallballs

2nd – 20 Jump Lunges

3rd – 8 burpees



1a Deadlift 2/4/8/12

1b Hollow Hold + Rev crunch 3 x 20 + 10

2a Strict Press 12/8/4/2

2b Band pullaparts 4 x 15

Cond: 3 rounds 45/15

Wall Sit

Bear Crawl

KB PuPus



1a Pistol Squats 3 x 8

1b Ring Body Saw 3 x 10

1c Pallof Twist 3 x 12 r/l

2a KB Man Makers 3 x 8

3a (Feet Elevated) Ring Pushups 3 x 8

3b Tempo Ring Rows 3 x 8

Cond: 15-12-9-6-3


Hanging knee raise

Rev lunge



1a BB Pause Jump Squats 2 x 5

1b Rebound Squat Jumps 2 x 5

2a Push Press 4 x 3

2b Chins 4 x 5

3a BB Good Morning 3 x 5

3b KB Swing 3 x 10

Cond: 45/15


Plank walkout




Ball pick + toss

Plate crunch

KB Clean and press

Ring row

Ring mountain climber