Week 6 - Cycle 15

For the following 6 weeks we are going to be trying to further develop our strength levels by implementing a rep scheme of 3/3/3 @90% 3RM + drop set of 10 for all main lifts. This will hopefully result in everyone improving the 3RM scores achieved during the test week just gone.

2 days during the week will be more focused on building upper body strength by utilizing a 10min upper body circuit. We will be keeping these upper body circuits the same over the 6 weeks, meaning you will be able to gauge strength improvements by the number of rounds and reps you are able to complete.

We will also be including 2 days with longer conditioning pieces along with running hills at least once a week to help improve people’s cardiovascular fitness

As always we will be working on single leg/arm movements, bodyweight movements and incorporating various tools including gymnastics rings and kettlebells etc throughout our programming.



1a Squat 3 x 3 @90% 3RM + drop set of 10

1b SL RDL 3 x 8

Upper Body Circuit – 10mins:

Pushups x 10

Ring Rows x 10

Bicep curls x 10

SA Split Stance OH Press x 10 r/l

Band Pullaparts x 10


6 Hill runs – alternate between 1 x short, 1 x long



1a Floor Press 3 x 3 @90% 3RM + drop set of 10

1b Chins 3 x 5 with max effort pause in middle on last rep

2a Landmines 3 x 16

2b Plate Situps 3 x 10

Cond: Every Min on the Minute

1 Burpee

1 Wallball

1 Sit Up

Increase by 1 rep per min until you can’t complete reps in time.




1a Deadlift 3 x 3 @90% 3RM + drop set of 10

1b KB Swing 3 x 15

Upper Body Circuit – 10mins:

Ring Chest Flys x 10

BO Row x 10

Banded Front Raises x 10

SA KB Row x 10 r/l

Cond: Partner Session

Start with 15 Lengths Bear Crawl


5 Chins/10 Rows

10 KB Swing

20 Jump Lunges

Finish with 15 Lengths Bear Crawl



1a Strict Press 3 x 3 @90% 3RM + drop set of 10

1b Negative Ring Rows 3 x 8 (Pull ups (x5) if able to do concentric part)

2a Weighted Planks 3 x 30s

2b Hanging Knee hold + raises 3 x 20-30s + 10

Cond: 15 mins

10 Plate GTOH

10 OH Plate Lunge

10 Hanging Knee Raises

10 Box Jumps

10 V Sits



A1. BB Forward Lunge 3 x 6 r/l

A2. Partner plank pull 3 x 8 r/l

B1. Push Press 3 x 3 @ 90% 3 RM + drop set of 10

B2. Box Jump 3 x 5


Cond: 20-15-10

KB Clean & Press right + left


Elbow –Hand Plank